Etched / Engraved Zinc Products Warranty

Etched and Engraved Zinc Products Warranty

VisionMark warrants the coating on finished etched zinc parts against blistering, peeling, corroding or bubbling due to defects in manufacturing for a period of one year.

This warranty will not cover defects if parts are damaged, dented, scratched or corroded from severe salt or road corrosive materials, or faded or discolored by exposure to heat or severe sun conditions or environmental conditions.

This warranty shall only apply to coatings applied by VisionMark and specifically excludes all parts engraved by others or coatings applied by others.

VisionMark’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be to issue credit, repair, or replace any item proved to be other than warranted. VisionMark shall have the sole right to determine whether such items shall be repaired or replaced or whether credit shall be issued. No allowance will be made for any labor charges for replacement of any parts unless advance written authorization is given by VisionMark. In no event shall VisionMark be liable for collateral, consequential, or contingent damages.

VisionMark etched zinc products should be cleaned in a manner similar to that used when washing an automobile. Use only a mild soap and water solution to remove water-soluble dirt and contaminants. Never use an abrasive cleaner such as Ajax, Comet or Bon Ami. Never use a high-pressure washer or damage to the coating may occur.

To remove contaminants such as tar use mineral spirits or commercially available tar removers.

VisionMark etched zinc parts may be waxed in the same manner as you would wax a vehicle using any commercially available automotive waxes.


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