Celebrating National Customer Service Week

VM Nameplate Company celebrating National Customer Service Week

In celebration of National Customer Service Week, we're recognizing our AWESOME Customer Service Team.  Mindy, Kay, Tonia, and Kyleigh - you make it all happen!

Mindy - Has 15 years of service and loves the color green… J-E-T-S! Thanks Mindy.
Kay - Has over 14 years of industry experience, and is celebrating her first year with VisionMark Nameplate Company. Thanks Kay!
Tonia - Serves as our Office Manager and has 15 years of service. Tonia and her team have done a terrific job of blending two companies together, while at the same time moving into a new building. Thanks Tonia!
Kyleigh - Has 14 years of service and is our only Florida Gator fan!

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